About Allison of Wonder Crochet

Hi! I began crocheting in 2019 and have loved my self-taught journey of learning yarn art. The first time I made an amigurumi creation (a mini, very poorly made whale) I knew this was something I would be doing forever. Along this journey, I have found other crochet blogs and tutorials absolutely essential in learning the basic stitches as well as tips and tricks to improve my crochet ability. I created Wonder Crochet to help others learn and improve their craft. The great thing is I get to continue to learn and improve alongside all of you!

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About Me Personally

Besides crafting, I am a Christian wife who lives in the Pittsburgh, PA area with my husband in our brand new home! In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, traveling and spending time with my family. Pour me a cup of hot tea with honey and I'm content!
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My husband Erik and I married in 2020

Hiking the top of Whiteface Mountain

Visiting Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

Get in touch, let's have virtual tea together & talk about whats on your hook

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